Wishing El Charro’s a HAPPY & WONDERFUL 100th BIRTHDAY

Submitted by: Jill Madill


2-2.jpg 2021-Mar-DeAnna-Jill-Pat-Arden-Dave-Mim-Kylin-at-El-Charros-Tucson-Copy-1.jpg 2020-Mar-29-posted-taken-by-El-Charros-0.jpg

Since we’ve been coming to Tucson in the last 20yrs, we’ve been dining at El Charro’s. And now since we moved here going on 7yrs ago, we routinely enjoy the extensive Sonoran Mexican menu & have our favorites. We always take our visiting friends & family for a delicious meal & share your historic & colorful downtown location. Our favorite thing to do is take a scenic route from our home in south Tucson through the nearby Saguaro Nat’l Park [west] & drive to Gate’s Pass for the sunset & then drive down the other side to your downtown location for dinner. For those who visit us for the 1st time, it’s quite an experience & a great memory. We even have people who expect it each & every visit like our adult daughters & families. We even enjoy dining all by ourselves & have gotten to know several of your wait people over the yrs. Our most memorable was for my 70th ”B” in Mar 2020, when you were only open for takeout. I had wanted to go there, Dave made it happen & set up a table across the street & got takeout. It was posted on your FB page. Good times, great cuisine, attentive staff, wonderful memories…Dave & Jill Madill

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