General Manager

Submitted by: Kacy M King


I have worked for the Flores family for 8 years now, and I am so happy that I do. I never thought that when I walked in to Pub 22 looking for a serving and bartending job, that I would be where I am today. After a year of serving and bartending, I was asked to help them with the Rillito race track. From there, Carlotta and Marques saw something in me, and I became a manager of their downtown location shortly after. Thank you Marques for beginning my training and journey in management. Ray Jr. continues to help me learn more and more everyday and I am so appreciative that he is helping me grow as a manager and person. Thanks boss man! Sasha and Angela, thank you for being a sounding board, for being there when I need help, and for being a buffer when needed! Ray Sr. Thank you for all of your amazing stories, and help with everything in management and my personal life. Candace, thank you for teaching me everything about catering and helping me every time I call and bug you! Carlotta, thank you for being another mother figure and boss lady that I can look up to. You are the definition of a boss babe and I love you so much! Ray( Jr. And sr.), Carlotta, Marques, Candace, Sasha, Angela, and the whole Flores Concepts family have taught me everything I know. I couldn’t be more grateful to their help in both business and my personal life. I had some issues in my personal life and they were one of the first to jump up and support me, help me, and love me. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for them. They are more than just bosses. They help their community and staff whenever they can.  Thank you Flores family for all you have done and continue to do for Ryo, Luka, and myself. We love you more than you know!

Love always,

Kacy King, Luka, and Ryo

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