Ohana but Charro it up!

Submitted by: Amairani Fong


We often hear that families come in all shapes and sizes, well mine is shaped like the crunchiest, spiciest, most perfectly garnished CHARRO TACO! I started my journey with the Flores Familia in a breaking point in my life where who I thought I wanted to be and who I was becoming were very different but looking back I wouldn’t want to live it any other way. In the few years I have working with the family I have learned that it’s okay not to have it figured out and that with hard work, a good attitude, being considerate of others, learning and loving what you do will open doors and take you far in life.
Ray (the crunchy corn tortilla), the one that keeps it all together! Saying thank you is never enough but I’ll say it every day if I must. Thank you for taking the time to teach, guide and include us in every idea, train of thought, project, and adventure. Thank you for guiding us through the pandemic and making sure we shined through it all. Thank you for being the power that keeps us together!
Carlotta & Ray Sr. (The perfectly seasoned patty in the middle), Thank you for being the heart of it all. Thank you never forgetting a birthday, a Valentine’s Day, Christmas or even an Easter. Thank you for making sure that we got a card on every holiday and special day and even on days that were tough. Thank you for leading the way with grace, kindness, and power. Bigz, thank you for that tough love and the parallel parking training session until it was done perfectly (and without me crying). A million thank you for the stories about the restaurant association and lessons on bus tubs and how to hold a glass properly. Thank you for being the perfect team!
Candace (The salsa) Thank you #GirlBoss for always looking at every detail, every plate, every recipe and making sure it’s perfect. Thank you for the hustle and teaching us girls with example that we got this even if takes a little more work you should always go the extra mile. Thank you for long talks and the endless advice. Thank you for always spicing things up!
MF (The radish) At the top of the taco and that most of time gets overseen (or taken off) but it wouldn’t be a Charro Taco without them. Thank you for being you, keeping us on our toes 24/7. Thank you for making sure we got walked to our cars at nights and reminding us that us girls don’t need a guy for anything that we got this all on our own. Thank you for taking care of every brick and space in that historic building with such love and passion.
Si Charro chefs (The Peas) you guys come with a force and are the reason we just make sense. Everywhere at all times overseeing and making sure that everything is made with love. Thank you for every memorable recipe to make it through a rough day or a celebration. Thank you for holding it down through a pandemic going every day and giving it your all. Thank you reinventing recipes that we would have never imagined but still serving that caldo de pollo when you feel a little homesick. From the half off burgers to a cinco we will never forget. Thank you for being you!
The incredible five (cotija cheese). Thank you for being so unique and being that extra sprinkle of happiness on top. Each one of you is so awesome in your very own way. I can’t wait to see you grow up into these great adults.

Thank you Si Charro Familia! Salud to the next 100!

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