My grandfather

Submitted by: Mark


My favorite meal at El Charro was my first visit in 2021 after my wife Carla and I bought a house here. The margaritas were stellar, as were the tacos, tamales, chips and salsa; we’ve eaten at El Charro almost every week, but that’s not what was the most memorable part of the visit. The first time either of us had been to Tucson was two years earlier as part of a three week tour of Arizona. While in Tucson, we found my grandfather and aunt’s graves at Evergreen Memorial Park. He had moved to Tucson in 1928 hoping for a cure for tuberculosis. Sadly he died in 1930 at 32 about a year after my 10 year old aunt. When I was packing up things in Illinois for storage, I found an old diary of my grandmother’s that mentioned the three of them eating at el Charro in 1928, so for me, eating at El Charro was like meeting my grandfather for the first time. Every subsequent visit still reminds me of him.

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