Submitted by: Naomi Bishop


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My favorite memory of El Charro was having my Bachelorette party dinner in downtown Tucson on a busy Friday night. The first restaurant we tried to go to had no tables and so we decided on El Charro. We had a large group of guys and girls and had to wait a little at the bar, but the bartender and my friends took care of the margaritas and the restaurant got us a table in the library room. They didn’t know I was a librarian, but I got the perfect room and we had the best dinner and drinks. It was the best evening with friends thanks to the waiter and El Charro staff! My friend from Japan asked about the meat dried in the sun and was so impressed with his plate. I will always remember that night as the best food and margaritas and a few years later my maid of honor had her rehearsal dinner at El Charro. It’s a place that brings family and friends together and a meal at El Charro fills your heart with joy and happiness!

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