El Charro 1964 with grandparents

El Charro 1964
Eating dinner at El Charro downtown (across from La Placita Plaza and the bus station) was a Saturday night ritual for my maternal grandparents from the 1940’s on. As a Tucson native, I have vivid memories of eating at EC with “gramps and nana” from about 1958 on. Monica Flin was an ever-present figure at the cash register.

Our waitress was always a wonderful woman named Jesse.

Around the table, you see the typical orders of tacos, a side of frijoles, and the pedestal that held the cheese crisp. If you look carefully in the background, you can see (from left to right) the juke box, the upright piano and other diners sitting in a booth. On that back wall hung a woven sarape with a picture of a Mexican couple dancing around a huge sombrero.

Tom Peterson

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