Why I Love El Charro!

Submitted by: Fran Krackow


My daughter graduated the university of Arizona in 2001. We had her graduation party at El Charro on Court Street. Little did we know in 2005 we would move to Tucson.
My husband witnessed first hand the events on 9/11. So he decided we would move to Tucson. I bought the house and after the contract signing my realtor asked ‘where do you you want to eat?” I chose El Charro on river and Campbell. I ordered a prickly pear margarita and gushed to the waiter how I just bought a house up the block . He informed me they were closing that location! I quickly scribbled a note telling the owner of El Charro they couldn’t close as I bought my house because i could walk to this location.
Fast forward to the closing. A UPS truck shows up at our door as we are leaving for Tucson. It’s a box of El charro salsas and a note from Ray Flores. Sorry it said we had to close that location.

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