Like Family to Us…

Submitted by: Jeannie Tucker


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For years and years, my mother Frances and I would go out once or twice a week to El Charro to enjoy our time together and eat your delicious food. We would dine at different locations but most of the time, we were at Ventana El Charro Cafe. Deme Medina and the staff there created a beautiful space in their hearts for my mother. We felt as if it was our home away from home and all of you were like family to us. Being that we had very little family of our own, that was so special. We celebrated her birthdays, Mother’s Day, my birthday and so many holidays there. Our El Charro family always remembered what she loved to eat and drink and your staff came with roses for her, her favorite dessert, a cushion for her back and always made her feel loved and appreciated. They would engage her and make her smile. As a full-time guardian for my mother, I can tell you that is a rare quality from any business. In the last years, it was a bit harder for her at times. She turned 97 and yet was always so happy to be enjoying your kindness and terrific food. You gave her joy and helped me fill her life with happiness…something I will always remember. While we were isolated during the covid-19 lockdowns, your food was the only food I felt comfortable ordering for takeout as I knew you were doing everything you could to keep us safe. Last summer my mother passed away from cancer and the hole in my heart is overwhelming. Your staff has been so kind and compassionate. El Charro is my place to get out and feel safe while enjoying healthy food prepared with care. Thank-you for being there for my mother and me…I will always be so grateful. Words are easy but real caring is in the actions. The El Charro Family and staff know that and El Charro really cares…God Bless You All!

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