Japanese Love Carne Seca!

Submitted by: Gloria Alvillar


My husband and I were walking downtown by the Rondstat bus stop and we saw a group of Japanese men getting out of a taxi. They immediately looked lost. We asked what they were looking for and they said, “Steak House!”. We said no steaks here (before Charro Steak) but there is better. We walked them to El Charro while we told them about Tucson and downtown. We walked in and they insisted we stay with them and help them order. My husband had lived in Japan and knew Japanese love dried squid so he said here we have dried beef, called Carne Seca. They ordered carne seca enchiladas and carne seca plates. They loved it! They loved the decor and ambiance as well. They wouldn’t let us pay for our dinners! One of the MANY fun times at El Charro for us.

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