Hooked at first bite!

Submitted by: Chris Mercilliott


My first experience with El Charro was about 4 months before I moved to Tucson. In March 2016 I was offered a teaching position in Tucson and I had a week vacation coming up so my wife and I decided to come and check out Tucson to see if we liked it. While asking around about places to eat, El Charro was recommended by an employee at the Tucson Visitors Center and we decided to give it a try. We absolutely loved it, I believe I had a chimi and my wife tried the carne seca. Two days later we were looking for another place to eat dinner, it’s a vacation so you have to try a few different things right? NOPE, I recommended El Charro again and my wife was all in. The rest is history, we have lived here now since July 2016 and have been dedicated El Charro fans since. Anytime any friends or family visit from out of town, El Charro is a must!

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