Birthdays at El Charro

Submitted by: Judi Rowley


Birthdays at El Charro

My memories of El Charro go back many years.  My daughter moved to Tucson to attend U of A and she never looked back, she has been here for about 25 years. My meals at El Charro have always been delicious, unique and very fun. My husband was the ‘beef man’ and he loved the carne seca, I just love everything that I have tried. It is slightly different from the Mexican food that I was used to, coming from CA, but so delicious and flavorful. The downtown restaurant is charming and comfortable, yet active and vibrant.

Our first trip was when my daughter and son-in-law were attending a wedding and they first dropped my husband and me off at the downtown El Charro to wait for them. We hung out in the bar and then the restaurant until they returned for us. We had a great time.

Starting in 2010, when my granddaughter was born, it became an annual birthday celebration spot. She was born on June 3 and my birthday is June 5. On June 4, 2010 we ordered El Charro to go but each year since, our favorite place to celebrate Charlotte’s and my birthdays is at El Charro.

One memorable evening we were seated on the front enclosed patio area and we saw Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly arrive at the restaurant for dinner. We are all fans and supporters of them both and we were pretty excited to see them there.

El Charro is a part of our lives now, I am 72 and I have moved to Tucson, I can’t say I moved here because of El Charro, but it helped 🙂


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