PreSchool Graduation

Submitted by: Kathy Weir



Mia Almazan was born two months premature and spent the first five and a half years of her life growing up in our office. We celebrated her parents marriage with dinner at downtown El Charro, her first birthday at El Charro (I gave her a tiny taste of carne seca that day) and more events than I can recall. This day was very special. Mia was graduating from preschool. We hadn’t made plans for after the ceremony. Last minute decided to go to El Charro downtown. We counted the number of people going and I called to see if they could fit us in for lunch. When we arrived Marques Flores greeted us and said they were getting our table ready. We were then escorted to a private room in Bar Toma. What a fun time. Our favorite server  was part of the celebration and was bringing us appetizers. We ordered our food, desserts were served. Mia’s Dad said to me, what are your plans when she graduates from high school? (Sadly he passed away four years ago and his memorial service was catered by El Charro.) When I posted this picture on Facebook the caption was Mia marching off for lunch at El Charro Cafe. Her birthday is in October and that year she asked if we could go back to that room to celebrate. My dear friend Carlotta not only reserved the room, it was decorated and bags of gifts were waiting for this well loved little girl. Today Mia is 15 and we are still going to El Charro Cafe. It is reassuring to know the legacy of El Charro will live on and Mia will continue making memories revolving around this special historic culinary destination. Thanks for the being part of our memories!

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