80 years a customer

Submitted by: Sidney Smith


I am 86 years old and when is growing up in down town Tucson my family went there’s often.. when I was 15 years old my family lived at 398 w Alameda we always liked to go to el charro for dinner. on my 15 birthday my mother told me she would buy me as many tacos as I could eat and I ate 12 tacos!!

I will always remember the cement floor and the colorful things hanging on the walls and I also remember the sweet lady that always sat at the cash register behind a long counter and took the money and talked with us. I have always enjoyed the food and as I have traveled around the world and have made tacos for my family over the decades I have tried to copy those delicious ones that I remember as a child. I will never forget my wonderful experiences at el Charro! (And continue to this day)

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